Scholastic writing prompts

If you had to make your own TV show, what would it be about? You come home from school to find a box on your porch. Curie received a Nobel Prize for her discovery of radium and polonium. What can be done to help change this? Journaling is a powerful way to empower your students both inside and outside of the classroom.

This will help you utilize the daily writing prompts. So put these creative writing story starters on double duty and use them as journal prompts for kids as well!

November 1 On this day inthe U. The text below is protected by copyright. First, we are a staff of three, one of whom is a graduate assistant, newly appointed each year, while the other two, co-directors Brad Richard and Ken Rayes Ken is also the director of GNOWPteach full-time, in addition to other commitments.

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Scrambler Then, students enter their names and choose their grade levels. Hair supply store business plan Hair supply store business plan epson printer problems and solutions.

Please see our ' Terms of Use ' for acceptable uses. You get stuck in an elevator with… In the backyard, your dog finds a mysterious necklace… Your best friend is elected President. What do you do? I have a key that can open any door. If you were asked to create a new Sesame Street character, what type of character would you create and why?

This is kind of one of the best parts of this whole site — it actually provides a related form on which the students can create their documents!

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They may reflect on their favorite stories and what elements work together to create powerful tales. This particular page is from the th grade adventure story.

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If you could change anything about your school, what would it be? One of them involves a strange-looking lady arriving and handing you a present.

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Assignment problem ppt slideshare byu writing center internship. I have been waiting here for four hours. They are resources for kid writers but they might be useful for adults as well. Could she be a witch? Learn more about the Scholastic Writing Awards of Southeast Louisiana at our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitterwhere Michelle Hoover has been sending out daily writing prompts!

My sister has an imaginary friend named Izzy. What happened on your first day of school? You may NOT republish any of the prompts below on any internet website.

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Cliffhanger Writing Prompts

You travel to the prairie and see… You switch places for a day with your favorite celebrity. Write a short creative writing piece. Why has the discovery of the x-ray been important to medicine? Last Wednesday, aliens took over the town of Trumble Hill.Writing prompts are one method of breaking the dry spell, or simply write for fun.

Sometimes I look to see what other writers are doing and how they're doing it. T.S. Eliot once said, “Immature. Story Starters is a fun, interactive tool for computers and iPads that generates writing prompts that include direction on character, plot, and setting. Your students will.

The creative writing prompts in 14 Prompts are designed to be done with the whole Write Practice community. I’d love for you to post your writing and give feedback to other writers.

I’d love for you to post your writing and give feedback to other writers. This ready-to-use resource contains 30 exciting story starters that model good writing and help any student get past writer’s block!

The prompts provide scaffolding through rich characters, imaginative settings, and an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger.

“And then” students put their natural storytelling skills to work, dreaming up their own unique endings. Picture Prompts to Spark Super The Funbook of Creative Writing. Writing Prompts. (Scholastic) First Grade Basic Skills. Reading Comprehension and Reading Skills.

1, Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder. Uploaded by. Assessment tools and writing prompts Scholastic Printables not only caters to teachers, but also to parents, administrators, and even students themselves.

Scholastic Printables is a division of Scholastic, Inc., the company behind book clubs and book fairs.

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Scholastic writing prompts
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