Hindi atmosphere

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Too far, and the water turns icy; too close, and the water evaporates. The reflection angle is equal to the incidence angle, and the amount of light that is reflected is determined by the reflectivity of the surface. In July, the deviation of isotherms is not that much pronounced as in January.

Layers of Atmosphere: Short Notes on main Layers of our Atmosphere

This is the coldest region of the atmosphere. It extends to thousands of kms. Cool, moist maritime polar mP air, on the other hand, forms over the colder subpolar ocean waters just south and east of the large, winter oceanic low-pressure regions.

This layer has a comparatively higher temperature due to the absorption of the ultra violet radiations from the sun. Mars also has a mostly carbon dioxide atmospherewith traces of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon monoxide and some other gases.

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As height increases, temperature decreases. It is expressed in millibars mb and measured. Ozone acts as a shield for in the earth's surface. The air here is very dry, and it is about a thousand times thinner here than it is at sea level. High pressure tends to be amplified over the colder surface features.

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Mars undergoes temperature swings influenced by how much sunlight reaches the surface, which also affects its polar ice caps another great influence on the atmosphere. The atoms shed this excess energy by emitting photons of light, which we see as the colorful Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis.

Over the continents, cold dry continental polar cP air and extremely cold dry continental arctic cA air forms in the high-pressure regions that are especially pronounced in winter, while hot dry continental tropical cT air forms over hot desertlike continental domains in summer in association with low-pressure areas, which are sometimes called heat lows.

It extends between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. Temperatures often reach degrees Celsius or more. The troposphere is the layer closest to Earth's surface.

In this part of the atmosphere the temperature gets colder as the distance above the earth increases, by about 6. The planet, however, also has a runaway greenhouse effect on its surface. A high temperature is found over the landmasses mainly in three regions of the southern hemisphere.

On this planet, the atmosphere is about times thinner than Earth's — a very different Hindi atmosphere from the ancient past, when geological evidence shows that water used to flow on the surface more than 4. If a parcel of air moves upwards it expands because of the lower pressure.

Scientists suggest that the Martian atmosphere may have thinned over time, Hindi atmosphere because the sun stripped away the lighter molecules in the atmosphere, or because a huge impact by an asteroid or comet catastrophically stripped the atmosphere.

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The Sun It adds to the atmosphere at shows. It is composed of very widely dispersed particles of hydrogen and helium.Hindi - atmosphere of earth, atmosphere layers, composition of atmosphere, what is atmosphere, atmosphere definition, atmospheric environment, importance of atmosphere, height of atmosphere.

The atmosphere is the mixture of various types of gases. Due to t gravity of the earth the atmosphere is inseparable from the earth.

The atmosphere contains the life giving gases like the Oxygen for the human being and the animals and carbon di oxide for the plants.

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Meaning of atmosphere in Hindi, Hindi Meaning of word atmosphere, What is meaning of atmosphere in Hindi.

Hindi atmosphere
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